ActivePro Application

The personal project of my idea - application dedicated for active people.

The project of a mobile application ACTIVE PRO is created for active people working out not only in the gym but also doing other sport activities.

There are created two sets of app for tablets and smartphones based on IOS operating system.

The application helps to keep balanced diet, watch and control the progress in training the same as in a diet.

Thanks to this application users can have all notes related to their activity in one place.

The application is easy to use and intuitive.  

The logo for the application was created with a view to a sporty character of the project. The sign in the logo patterns heartbeating graph of the physical effort and. It has a dynamic form and distinct colours like many sporty brands.

The application has a modern and intuitive design. The application is divided into three main parts which are meals, trainings and measurements diaries. Every part of the application has its own colour what helps to easily manage the plan and separates diaries from each other. For the meals diary is applied light pink colour, for the trainings diary green and for the measurements diary yellow. The application is pretty well complex. Users can manage their own calories need as well as proteins, carbohydrates and fats in their meals. The application works as well as an alarm which reminds about the meal. They can also determine their goals and time in which they would like to achieve it. As a mobile app it's very useful during your training plan on the gym. Users can control weights they lift and see their progress in only one click. They can also add easily new values to their training. Work on the app is still in progress because of a complex character of the project.




Design process

At the beginning the application design has been created for tablets to maximize comfort of using. Then it turned out that smartphones are more popular in the gym than tablets therefore I decided to created design set for smartphones. The users can use the app on smartphones in the gym while at home they can continue on tablets to make complete needed informations. The creation of the application was a long and slow process (still not finished). Many steps were taken to create the first colourful version for smartphones and tablets. The process started with initial sketches and first ideas of workflow of the application. The paper prototyping helped to design interactions by trial-and-error method. After that there was created wireframes prototype to design final layout of the screens. At the very end there were given colours and designed needed elements such as icons and buttons.