Bike Shelter ProBike

Bike shelterProBike is project of bike shelters for my home town - Szczecin in Poland.

It was designed to keep bikes safe from the weather and thieves. In project was used RFID technology for security.

This project was created for my diploma at West Pomeranian University of Technology.



The logo for the project was inspired by cycling circle. I chose fresh and "sporty" colours such as green and grey. The logo is modern and clean in its form.

The bike shelter is a place adapted for safe keeping bikes as well as protecting them from adverse weather conditions. The bike shelter has similar form and function to bus shelter. It should to be comprised of a roof, side walls as well as a module to which it is possible to fasten the bike. It is standard definition of the bike shelter. Modern bike shelters can have solar batteries or even gutters for rain water. Bike shelters are nowadays not only shelters but can be also little power stations.