Daloop is a location based fun social app to stay connected to what is happening around you. Post pictures or videos and leave a digital footprint at a particular location that remains forever. Now everyone can share in the memory of that great time you had with family or friends at that bar, club, restaurant or any other kind of venue.

Link to the website.


I have created whole branding for Daloop - logo, illustrations and the designs for the website, iOS and Android app. The app is created for young people who wants to show where they spent their happiest moments. The colours I have chosen are vibrant and cheerful. The project was created within the scope of work for iMobilize.

When the app design was ready I started creating the webpage for desktop and mobile. I have created illustrations and iconset for the project purposes. The requirements for the illustration as well as whole project character were to design for young people. The project had to be funny and cheerful. Colours vibrant and contrastive. The final result meet all the requirements.