Fit Freaks App

The second edition of the popular fitness app - Fit Freaks
We created fit freaks with the aim to promote a healthy lifestyle with a minimum amount of time out of your day. Marvin Ambrosius is a certified Insanity instructor who has created his own short but intense fitness routines that we call Fit in 5. Fit in 5 was created especially for those who can’t find the time to work out. It’s designed to focus on key muscle groups for just 5 minutes which will give you total muscular balance ensuring that all muscle groups are being used to help tone and sculpt your body, help you lose weight, increase your fitness and improve your health.  

The second edition of the popular fitness app Fit Freaks for iOS. I was working on whole project from the scratch including wireframes, user flows and final user interface in regards client requirements and brand guidelines. To the core of the app was added new features like paid subscription for new additional functionalities - "My Workouts" and "My Profile". The app was also enrichment in more details on the workouts and possibility of synchronising iPhone users with their iWatch. In the personal profile you can set up your weekly goals and you can check summarises from your last week activity as well as additional info on your resting energy, active energy, how many step did you take and moving distance. Not only the functionality but also the look of the app was refreshed. The app soon will be available from Apple Store. The project was created within the scope of work for iMobilize.

iphon 3in1

Design process

The design process started from setting up requirements and new features which will be added to the app. First sketches helped to reveal which workflow would be the best. After creating user workflow I started working on wireframes and user interface. At the end I have created also icons for walkthrough screen and also main icons for the app tab bar.