Fit Freaks

Fit Freaks is the fitness community designed for everyone. Fit Freaks with the aim to promote a healthy lifestyle with a minimum amount of time out of your day. Marvin Ambrosius is a certified Insanity instructor who has created his own short but intense fitness routines that we call Fit in 5. Fit in 5 was created especially for those who can’t find the time to work out. It’s designed to focus on key muscle groups for just 5 minutes which will give you total muscular balance ensuring that all muscle groups are being used to help tone and sculpt your body, help you lose weight, increase your fitness and improve your health. 

Link to the website.


Fit Freaks team of trainers have created intensive five-minute long exercises, intended to specifically target key muscle groups for maximum effectiveness. This high-intensity training results in higher daily metabolic activity and helps you achieve your desired results fast - for only slightly longer than 5 minutes per day. I have created the design for the Android and iOS app for iPhone and iPad. I’ve also worked on the website for FitFreaks Community. Main goal for the design was to create professionally looking projects with clean and minimal feeling. The design of the website has also business character. The project was created within the scope of work for iMobilize.



The design process started from UX - sketching the initial wireframes and setting up the workflow. Sketches were created for iOS, Android, for smartphones and tablets. After creating whole layout and workflow I could moved into UI design process. All projects were created in regards to brand guidelines and client requirements. The app can be downloaded from Apple Store - click here, and Play Store - click here.

Design for iOS

Design for Android

When the app was fully designed I started working on the website for mobile and desktop. Effects of my work you can see under the link - The website keeps up the branding guidelines and business character. Website is clean and minimal in spite of many elements and sections appear there.