IN Education Project

The project includes the organisation and carrying out activities designed to increase professional competence for Secretary and Computer Systems Administrator.
This will allow participants to get a prestigious and globally recognised certifications and professional qualifications. Beneficiaries will be able to strengthen their position in the labor market, improve their qualifications or change it. Participation in the project can be an inspiration for participants to further changes and self-development. During the course, participants will be amplified and motivated to be active in the field of education and professional activities.

The project was created on freelance base for one of my old clients from Poland, Warsaw. The project included print materials such as leaflets and posters. I have found inspiration for this project in icons art and decided to create it in modern and minimal style. The client required the project to be created for specific market in Warsaw. To add an "Warsaw" accent and make it more obvious I have created illustration of Warsaw panorama with the most famous buildings in polish capital. The project was accepted at the first attempt.