K&B Accountancy Group

K&B Accountancy Group is a leading specialist accountancy provider for the freelancer market.

Well-versed in industry legislation specifically for contractors and freelancers, and fully-equipped

to tackle any tax and accountancy queries, we’ve made it our purpose to make it easy for clients

to manage their finances.


I have cooperated with K&B Accountancy Group on multiple projects. Among them: letterheards, business cards, email signatures and a design for projections calculator. Every project followed the brand design guidelines.

k&b stationerykb1

Income and Tax Projection Calculator for Contractors. Created using the brand design guidelines. The main goal for the project was to create a fresh and modern feel. Additional requirements were related to user experience, i.e. simple and very practical.

I have also created a brochure for tax rates & allowances guide. Again the project followed the brand design guidelines.

projection KB1