KroW Application

KroW is a temporary staff solution for the temp jobs in London. Using the KroW mobile app businesses can nd temp staff quickly and easily - at much lower cost of traditional temp staff and recruitment agencies.
KroW app allows you to access thousands of experienced employees. Our staff are exible and available to work at short notice. They have a broad range of skills and experience - from waiters, catering and event staff to bartenders for your bar or restaurant.

My role was to create the interface design for the iOS app according to the guidelines from the clients as well as assist the product manager with the creating workflow and wireframes. I was also responsible for the process of creating the UI guidelines for the project. The logo for the app the same as brand colours was delivered by the client. The main goal was to create a platform which can help young people and students searching for a temporary job. The design of the app aimed for young people is modern and clean. The KroW app is right now in developing stage, soon will be ready for release. The project was created within the scope of work for iMobilize.


Design process

First wireframes

Employer and employee workflow

The KroW App splits into two main workflows - the employer workflow and the employee workflow. In the first one - employer workflow - companies or managers are able to create their own profiles and list the jobs for temp staff. The app also allows payment through the app when the job is done. In the employee workflow employees are able to create their own profiles and search for the jobs. The app has also rating system for both sides which help to find the right person for the position as well as good employer. The link to the App Store soon. 



Employer workflow