MotoAid App

The MotoAid application was created within the cooperation with one of my regular customers as an extra work after working hours.

The main task of this application is to help to find a good car mechanic what is really problematic.

The users of this app will be able to mark a car mechanic on the map, leave review for others and give a note.

The app is created in basic version, in the future will be extended in additional features.  


The first part of designing was to create the logo for the application. My inspiration came from the mechanic issues - a gearwheel. The logo is dynamic and gives technical feeling.  The colours used for the application are the same as for a logo - red and blue. The structure of the application as well as the functionality are user friendly and intuitive. Clean and modern design keeps abreast of the newest trends.



The application is created for smartphones in Android operating system. There were created four sets of different size for mostly appearing screens such as: XXHDPI, XHDPI, HDPI and MDPI. Besides application I created also the website with the same functionality as the application. The creation process started with initial sketches and planning for the whole application. The next step was wireframing process and considering the basic functionality with my customer. When everything was done I began the relevant designing process.