Olli Heino

Olli Heino is musician based in Tampere, Finland.

He creates original compositions and covers, primarly in the genre of progressive rock/metal.

The first debut album of Olli is entitled Fortnight To Fall.

He's been told an incredibly promising artist with his style compared to that of bands like Animals As Leaders and Pomegranate Tiger.

Link to the music video made from my artwork.


I had pleasure working with Olli on his album design. During this cooperation were created the logo and the serie of illustrations for the album. Olli required a logo design which is connected to the style of the music he does as well as giving artistic feeling and telling something about the person behind. I decided to create a logo with elements of a freehand draw and really simple sans serif font.





The central artwork in the artwork is also the main picture for the CD cover. The rest artworks are telling the story behind the songs, every song has reflection in its own picture. At the very beginning there was an idea of creating only one artwork with the turtle for the cover. While designing I decided to create stories for every song. At the end has been created big picture with separate parts which can be apart as well as together with the story behind every part. The technique is collage - photos mixed up with illustrations.