Paese Cosmetics

Paese Cosmetics is a Polish cosmetic brand that has been on the market since 2008.  It owes its dynamic growth to the high quality of their products, a wide variety of colors and attractive packaging. 

Paese is an Italian word meaning a ''land''. A land of beauty for women of all types ethnicity and skin. It is a brand which puts their customer first. They sell not only products but also the idea – the idea of beauty, self esteem and uniqueness.

Their range of products includes colorful facial cosmetics such as primers, powders, eye shadows, lipsticks, lip glosses, foundations, concealers, etc. They have over one hundred different fingernail and toe nail polishes and nail care products.

They also offer various professional care series of make-up removers, natural oils, high quality hyaluronic acid and natural body butters.

They are a team of people with passion, commitment and who shares their knowledge and experience. They have a high number of  loyal and satisfied customers, due to exceeding their customer expectations with their quality products and service.

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Paese particularly takes pride in the exceptional quality and high standard of their cosmetics. The recipe and ingredients of their products are based on substances and materials extracted from natural sources and about 85% of their ingredients are from natural sources. All of their cosmetic products contain ingredients such as Vitamins A, B, C, D and Vitamin E complex, etc. Their products also contain other ingredients such oils, waxes, minerals and natural UV filters , etc. Their cosmetic products are produced in modern laboratories.


There were various projects where designs were required for Pease products and packaging. The first project required the plan, create and design of labels, flyers, packaging and Point of Sale (POS) stand for boxes for various of their natural oils. My inspirations for my designs, for this project were based on traditional patterns and ancient drawings primarily where these oils originated from. At the time the product was being sold in England, Ireland Poland and Dubai.
All the photographs belong to Paese, and were used in this project to illustrate my final designs for their products.

Paese natural oils - natural, 100 % pure oils that are sourced and acquired by using traditional methods used for centuries by inhabitants of Polynesia, Latin America or Morocco. Paese oils are easily absorbed through the skin and moisturises the skin. They protect the skin against free radicals, thus delaying the aging process.