Shorflicks is a simple platform that allows a publisher (not the public) to upload video content and then publish it to different categories. With our platform the audience can enjoy unlimited viewing of the content without having to watch advertisements. The platform will be available for iOS and Android App for smartphones or tablets, Apple TV as well as there will be possibility to watch the content directly on the website. 
The aim is to target the market that the likes of Netflix doesn’t cover. The project is in progress. So far there are created brand guidelines, a logo and a website for the platform.  

The Shorflicks brand was designed from the scratch. I had the responsibility of thinking up the brand guidelines. Before started working on this project I created few stylescapes to stick to one which suits the best. When we chose in which direction should I go I started working on the logo. In this process were created and developed many examples of the logo. After we chose the best one I started working on colour schemes. We decided together the best choice for the brand would be blue. The next step was to start building the website for the platform. Before the final design I have created few wireframes to agree the workflow and possible functionalities and features. After that the next step was to create final designs for the website. I designed for the brand image photomanipulation which expresses the best feeling of the Shorflicks. So far there are designed brand guidelines, a logo and a website for the platform. The project was created within the scope of work for iMobilize.









Creation of photo manipulation

The creation of photo manipulation for the brand image started from sketching ideas. When the final version of the sketch was agreed I started looking for photos on photo banks. All photos used in this project are taken from free photo banks. When the photos were chosen I started blending the final image in Adobe Photoshop. The result below.