Sunshine Umbrellas

Sunshine Umbrellas is the forefront brand of producing and selling high quality umbrellas. They are pride themselves on offering clients only the best umbrellas that are suited to their needs and preferences. They are arguably the best in the umbrella industry. They attribute their position at the top to their commitment to everybody as valued clients, their consistency and policy of offering high-quality umbrellas at cost effective process.

In the scope of cooperation with the Sunshine Umbrellas I have created the logo project and brand illustration. Whole brand was created from the scratch. The Sunshine Umbrellas brand has cheerful and vibrant character. The colourful and full of details illustration entirely expresses nature of the brand. In spite of brand aspect I managed to create the project which turns away the association to umbrellas. The logo is combination of simplified icon of umbrella and sunlight. The project was created within the scope of work for iMobilize.