Endeavour is a Danish design company, with high ambitions for quality, simplicity and functionality.

They produce professional grade kitchenware for the private consumer.

Nikolaj Kirk and Mikkel Maarbjerg, who both are well-known chefs in Denmark, are the creators of the Endeavour-series.

One of their main goals is to ensure that the tools fully match their needs as professional chefs. 

Nikolaj Kirk is a popular TV chef and Mikkel Maarbjerg has been awarded Michelin Stars several times.

Together they run the culinary studio, KIRK+MAARBJERG.


Design process included creating of the website and e-shop.


One of the biggest projects in my portfolio was created for a Danish company Endeavour. The main part was to create a new design for their webpage. Following my clients requests the design is made in simple black and white. There are some large photos in the background; the fonts used are simple and readable. The blog section was created in flat colours which varies this section from the rest of the achromatic website. All creating an impression of a very modern outlook.

The Endeavour website is created using RWD technology. The page easily adapts its layout to different viewing devices and is mobile friendly. The main goal was to be able to use the website on a: normal desktop screen, a tablet and a smartphone. The design covers these requirements and additionally works very well on every other device.



The number of mobile devices had increased rapidly over the last few years. Responsive design became an inseparable element of a well-thought website outlook. Mobile-friendly layout is a must. Nowadays many more users view the websites on their mobile devices on their way to work or simply at home. Well-designed and responsive website will entertain a better feel and usability, and is expected to attract more customers. This converts directly to increased firms revenues.