Hettis Bauelemente GMBH

Hettis Bauelemente GMBH is a family company with long tradition in the craft.

During the whole period of existence they have gained a wealth of experience and they are acquainted with a range of modern technologies.

Since the beginning of their activity they are producing and installing windows, doors and winter gardens.

They have the following range of products:
- Wooden Windows and Doors
- PCV Windows and Doors
- Aluminium Windows and Doors
- Sites
- Winter Gardens

The corporate identification for Hettis GMBH Germany was a challenging project for an existing brand. The main assumption was to create a completely new and fresh design and to change the visual image of the company. My clients expected a clear and simple logo; the new look & feel was to highlight that they are a very well-established company. To meet these requirements I decided to use grey and black letters with a light gradient contour of a house above. The green colour was suggested to support the company branding strategy.

logo hettis

hettis logo colours


The project started quickly and soon I was able to present first drafts and sketches. This phase of the project helped to facilitate early discussions and saved the time in the long run. I always start all of my projects from creating sketches and once sketches are approved, move to the digital design part. Some examples of the early sketches are listed next to this text. Thanks to this process, the logo was accepted quickly by the client.

k&b stationery


Once the logo was approved, the client had asked me to proceed with a design for their new website. As per the original idea the website was supposed to be fresh, simple and clean; and based on WordPress. The website was created with a traditional layout, is easy to navigate and really usable. There is a lot of white background, giving the impression of a lot of space. Big photos used in banners and galleries are an important part of the brand identification. The main function of them is to promote the examples of the best projects completed by the Hettis Company.